Jotta A – Teen Age

jotta AJotta A, Joseph Antonio Viana, (his family calls him Tony). Yes the little Brazilian boy who took the Gospel by storm when he sang his heart out at Brazil Talented Kids Show and transformed famous songs into new age Gospel sensation, is still in the scenes and is working on a new album which will be out this year.  If you love Jotta A, you will love his CD Essencia.

Most know or remember Jotta A as a little boy singing perfectly, “Halleluiah” version of WH Smith, “Still” by Hill Song and other big songs sung by big artists like Aline Barros “Sonda me”, hitting the high notes in perfect vocal chords with a difference, like never heard before, giving gospel music a new meaning . Now Jotta A, still driven by his Ministry and an idol for millions of both Christians and non Christians fans and supporters is all grown up, a 15 year old, with a new look, and is coming up with a new album, to be released this year.

Jotta A is a role model for both Christian and non Christian Youth of today. Apart from his commitment to his Ministry, Jotta is still a young teenager just like any other teenager but with a passion for Christ and is supported by his Christian family and Christian supporters all over the world. One of his role models is He is usually fully booked throughout the year, performing in churches and events around Brazil, reaching out through his Ministry.

Jotta A is compared to the likes of Michael Jackson and on meeting him, speaking to him and hearing him live myself, I thought this young, God Loving little man is non comparable to Michael Jackson at all. He is highly gifted, confident and talented in his own special way. I was a big fan of Michael Jackson myself back in the 80’s and I can admit that Jotta A is way ahead of Michael Jackson. They are both talented, but in their very special different ways in which I would say Jotta is on the lead.

I heard Jotta sing myself, live, with his original, non tuned or enhanced voice and the young man sings like an angel, with a naturally enhanced voice. Not only does he worship when he humbly sings, but the anointing that is on him just splashes everywhere in the room, overflows and connects with the audience, making everyone feel an extraordinary feeling of love for the Lord and making way to worship the Lord in the Spirit. Jotta bubbles with love and I believe that this is what makes him unique, compared to other Gospel singers. One has to witness it to believe it, so I did. Jotta connects spiritually with God before he connects with the audience, making the audience feel what he is feeling and sharing it too. This “love for God feeling” is just heavily contagious.

When Jotta is on the stage singing, he is out of this world and in a worshipping state but still connected to the audience and conveying the Word of God through singing. It’s not everyday that you hear songs that tear you apart and really make you see or know who you really are and where you are heading spiritually. Jotta’s singing does exactly that because he is not only singing, but ministering to the listener, in a very special way.

Now with a mature voice, Jotta is even more perfected and still has love and affection in his ministry. Of course, after puberty (which happens to all males), His vocals have changed but even more perfected. Some have criticised his vocals after puberty, but voice breaking is common and by nature. Jotta’s Ministry is a singing. He was born to sing and is still doing just that perfectly and conveying the messages of his ministry. He recorded his first CD when he was six years old and is still heading on and improving each and every moment.

If you are a fan or want to experience this phenomenon sensation, listen to all his music and look out for the coming album in November 2013.


“Waterfall of Agape Love” a new book – A Jotta A Testimony is now available on Kindle Version at Amazon

Jotta A Website
Jotta A’s Official Twitter
Jotta A Face book
Jotta A News Update
Jotta A UK Fanclub on Twitter

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  1. What can I say about a young person with such a powerful anointing? I knew I needed something to give my spirit an awakening, but had no idea what to do. I thought I came upon Jotta’s Youtube performances by accident after combing through competition performers. But, when I was blessed to hear Jotta, I thought my God, my God who is this!? I was touched so deeply that I cryed, laughed, and sang along with him in the spirit of God. I met Micheal Jackson and its true, Jotta is not remotely connected to the genre of the late great Micheal. In my sleep I hear Jotta sing, which allows me a beautiful awakening with a song in my heart. I love him and don’t even know him,except through God. When I’ve introduced his voice to others, they too are taken aback and are forced to just stop in their tracks to surrender to his gifted anointing. Everyday I’m summoned to listen to know God brings joy and happiness to the spirit and roots out sadness through praise!!

    I can’t wait to get his CD to play and sing along constantly as though I’ve connected to God. I love you Jotta A. Thank God for the fresh manna of your gift. I know for sure by your gifted voice… God is not dead, but He is alive!!!

    • Its so good to find there is yet another person out there who feels the same way with me and the others. I was just so overwhelmed to read your comment. You sounded like me talking after i listened to Jotta singing. I wrote a poemafter I was transformed, its dedicated to Jotta and I also wrote a book to be published this summer, based on that poem and what really happened. from the time when I first heard Jotta sing and up to the time I met him in person. The anointing when I hugged him and when he was singing right in front of me, a stride away I felt the presence of the holy spirit. I was sitting with his mum and we were holding hands. It was just a time of my life, what a blessing. I think Jotta is anointed with a spirit of love and it shades off when he is singing or talking to you. My book is called “A waterfall of Agape Love”. I just fell in love with Jotta when I heard him sing and his singing drew me so close to God than I have ever been in my life. I also hear him sing when he is not there and he sings in my sleep as well. all that you mentioned in your comment is similar to what I experienced. Jotta has an anointing of Agape Love and you can only feel it when you are in his network. By network I mean that God created us and put us in networks. One might listen to Jotta sing and feel nothing at all. You and me will listen to him sing and feel God’s transformation. Those who do not feel the way you and me feel are soon to discover who God sent with their Agape Love. when I publish, you will be one of the first people to know. May God bless you. Its so good to hear from you.

      On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 10:59 AM, ToriVictoria

      • I would love to read this book. I found Jotta on you tube three years ago and I just cannot stop telling my friends and family about him. My day is not complete if I do not go on line and sing along with him. He has changed my life. I recently was able to get his two CD’s on Amazon, and I am very, very happy. It now allows me to listen to his music while I do my chores at home. His anointing is very powerful, Tears roll down my cheeks when I listen to him. I do not speak Portuguese but now I am learning some words and also can now sing two of his songs ‘Descansarei” and “Perto Quero Estar” very well. He is teaching me through his songs. What a blessed young man. I would like to go to Brazil some time soon and would love to meet him in person some day. I pray that God continue to bless him and his family. They have nurtured him well. Thank GOD!!!

    • First time i heard jotta sing was june this year.Someone sent a video of him singing agnus dei and immediately he started singing my eyes became filled with tears and i started thanking God for a wonderful soul like him I just instantly fell in love with him and became a hhhhuuuggee fan I really pray i get to meet him so i can tell him dat God loves him i even tried twitter buh no reply Jotta if u read dis just kno dat you’re born to be great and God loves you :)

  2. I totally agree with you guys. I also came across his singing accidentally. I was looking through a friend’s phone and I found the video. My friend didn’t even know he had the video. Hearing him sing was lke receiving rays of sunlight after a dark stormy night. I don’t know he’s compared to Michael Jackson. To me, MJ never had the talent this boy possesses.

    • What can I say. I love talent shows, I am a big fan of music talent shows when I accidentally bumped into Jotta, My God! I love kids who sing beautifully well, my friend calls me “a freak of nature”, when I told him about Jotta, he said I was still being my freaky self, I told him this kid is different, listening to other talented kids had giving me goosebumps but Jotta gives me the Heavenly chills. I must confess here that I saw an Angel when I was listening to Jotta’s Hallelujah. God has giving us a gift in Jotta.

    • I totally agree with you personally, its not just about the voice, its the spirit behind it and how the lyrics are brought to life and transforms the listener. This is because Jotta sings with such passion and love, not just love, but a special kind of love called “Agape”, that is what draws one close to God and feel that love intensely – it is contagious!!!!!!! He sprinkles Agape love when he sings. I could go on and on and on. But I did write a book about it. Its out and will be available anytime from now in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, iPad, Sony eReaders, and Ingram Network. I couldn’t contain that love, it made me write a book!! I can’t wait for people to read it and know that “there is a beautiful love within ourselves, we just never look through ourselves to find it, but it can be triggered by another, and flows like a river to the next person and the chain goes on and on……..

  3. Thank you for the update regarding Jotta. Like so many others, I discovered Jotta’s You Tube video by accident. I am 58 yrs. old and was not one to scan videos of any sort at the time ( about 1 and a half years ago). I was actually looking for music by the English singer, Adele and was checking out young people singing her songs. I have to say I found it disturbing that kids so young were singing such adult songs. I will never know what made me click on Jotta singing a song in talent show but it changed my life! I became absolutely obsessed with finding every song he sung. Never in my life have I listened so intently to songs in a language I did not mentally understand. But my emotional and spiritual understanding was great. Not enough room or time to explain the great changes in the way I think and the way I live my life. I read comments from others (hours and hours) and became so aware of the good and bad things said about him which provoked responses in myself I did not know existed. I wanted to defend every attack against him but settled down as I sensed a message of “Peace be still” in my spirit and suddenly knew that he was protected by God Himself. I am grateful for all who took the time to translate a lot of his work in English. I also discovered Google Translation (LOL). I know more about Brazil then I ever did and wish I could figure a way to actually learn Brazilian Portugese just so I can understand what he is saying in his concerts and interviews. For a moment I questioned my obsession with him, whether or not it was a healthy love I have for him. I can honestly say it is the love that a Grandmother has for her Grandchild and the wish for his well-being. I have 4 Grandsons so I know this is so. The love I have for Jotta though is more accurately described as Agape Love. I have faith that his family is looking out for him and guiding and directing him. I know he confers with God for same. Yes, I worry about powers using him. I worry that he looks tired and that his voice is being pushed beyond what is best. I worry that he won’t enjoy his teen years, etc. But I know I must let go and let God do His will for Jotta. I would love to be able to talk with him and comfort him and let him know he is loved by one who lives all the way in America, along with the millions of others all over this world. So if you speak with him again, please tell him about what I have just told you. Please continue updates as they are much appreciated by me and many others who can’t articulate the good it has brought into their lives just by his efforts in song and speech.

  4. Hi, i would just like to say thank you for this article regarding Jotta A. Just today, in my search for a songs that i could listen to over and over which is beyond what is on the hit list today i came across Jotta A. I heard him singing the Agnus Dei, and he completely blow me away. I’m not a cry person but as i listen to him singing and watching him i got teary eyes. It is as if God is talking to me in his voice. For the entire night i browse almost all of the videos of him singing. And even if i don’t understand most of it, i can still feel the praise and the worship. I can feel the presence of God in his voice. Seeing him grown through these videos, the critic of his voice transition, and i notice there’s not much postings of video of him performing this year so it made me wonder how he have been. I love this young man. He is truly a gift from God and like all of you, i too prayed that he may continue to spread the word of God through his music. That he will never change course and continue to the path that God had laid for him. Reading your article made me happy knowing that he is staying the course to God’s path. I prayed too that he will spread his wing and share his worship all throughout the world because i do believe he can influence people to worship God once again and to believe that God indeed exist. Also thank you for sharing his music. Hopefully, with God’s will, i will be able to purchase one of these CD soon. Thank you once again and God bless you!

  5. Thanks for reading and for sharing your testimony. Jotta has been working on a new CD which is out in November this year, He is still committed to his Ministry; singing, preaching and reaching out to people, especially the Youth. He is still on the course to date, he has just been busy working on the new album . I can’t wait to get my hands on it as well.

  6. I, too love Jotta A. I came across him on Facebook, and I’m not sure what made me click on his video, but, my God! He touched my soul. I just feel something every time I hear him sing. And I, just like some of you, have looked up EVERY single song he has sang on YouTube. Thank you, Jotta, for inspiring us all with your talent, love, presence, and gift THAT God has given you. Continue to let him use you in the best way possible. Love you! :)

  7. I am an American fan who came across Jotta this year, who was fortunate enough to to quickly get lots of retweets and a really quick followback. This boy has honestly changed my life, he has brought me so much more closer to God. Before I came across Jotta, I doubted my faith in God, but hearing, seeing and being apart of the ”Jottastica e Jottastico” family, has just uplifted everything within me. I remember I had a bad day, and just thinking about him made me smile the whole entire day. This boy has truly changed my life, and so many others. I’m glad to see he has yours, and many others. I cannot wait until the day that he comes to America because I will surely be wherever he is at:) My fanpage is: @JottaaUsa on twitter. Thanks for writing this article! Tchau

  8. I found Jotta on Youtube last year he has been such a blessing too me praying for him sure am glad he is surrounded by his family and friends too protect him he is so mature for his age I believe God will use him too reach old and young for his glory,

  9. I thank God for this blessing He’s given to us in Jotta A. I love him and i pray God to preserve him, his gift and anointing from corruption, that he remains a blessing to his numerous fans and d world at large.

  10. one will have to be totally separated from God not to feel anything when you hear him sing. i just got his song on youtube but after listening to it,i was forced to search for who he is and that’s why am here.may your anointing never run dry.

  11. I am 61 years old, disabled & live alone with my dog in a small town in a beautiful mountain area. Jotta is such a delight to me and unto the world. He fills my lonely hours with much peace, joy and liberation. I needed a fun new blessing, and he is it. I am re-inspired. (And I hate to admit it but, I think I have a silly school girl crush on him, too. :D )

  12. Jotta is really God sent. I love his music: he ministers to me whenever I listen to him. I pray that he will never stop loving God and I hope that one day I get to meet him personally.

    • Hi Kim, it’s so good to hear from people who are being blessed by Jotta’s singing. I always tweet these messages to him. Hopefully when he has time, he will read some of these touching messages from people who appreciate his Ministry like you, me and the others. We keep praying that he remains in the hands of the Lord as we are living in such a time when there is a lot of temptation and corruption. Thanks for reading and take care.

  13. Jotta’s voice and music are comparable to none, he should come to Africa and minister his music especially to the youth who have been sucked away by the world. Just love this young man he is truly a blessing from heaven. May the grace of God Almighty give you wisdom, protect and guide you in your every day life.

  14. Happy Happy Birthday Jotta A! I believe you are turning 16 this month , at least in earthly time because I believe you are indeed an old soul who has been here before. I hope this is your best year ever and that God continues to bless you in every area of your life, Stay in touch with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  15. Jotta… your voice is really touching..
    Am in Ghana as a keyboardist.
    I pray God raise me up to a level financially so i
    can organise a touching heart concert with you.
    God bless u…
    I love you with the love of God.
    God bless you and increase you..

  16. JOTTA is a gift from GOD omg.! im 12 years old. my dad was listening to him singing angus dei. when i heard him sing i was amazed by him. he is a very talented young boy i fell in love with his singing the moment i heard him. He’s an angel sent by GOD with his amazing singing i serched every one of his songs. my friends made fun of me but i didnt care. i love you JOTTA. :-*

  17. im Darlene i love JOTTA is wonderfull
    his singing is unexplainable.
    when i heard him sing i cried my dad asked me why i was crying i told him because of his singing.
    GOD is using you in so manny ways your an amazing singer.
    happy birthday to you. may GOD bless you through out your life.

  18. O my dear Jotta lovers, we make an awesome prayer group! There not enough words to describe my Love for this little person Jotta with gigantic heart filled with God’s love and burning with Holly Spirit! I am 40, born and raised in Christian home, baptized with Holly Spirit in my youth. My dear Lord kept me from all kinds of addictions in my life till now, till I came across Jotta! The revolution happened in my soul! When Jotta worshipping I could fill the anointing filling my body, I completely humble myself to my creator! I pray with him, I memorize some songs so I could I sing with him, I am so abscessed with what hi’s having inside of him! I have not met a Brazilian person in my life, yet have passionate desire to learn Portuguese so I could understand his testimonies!
    He was only a child and already found his purpose, his calling, the will of God in his life! His passion to worship Christ brings me to tears! My ears melting, my heart exploding with glory to God who made this person in His image and His likeness! Still in mothers womb, diagnosed to be born with “Hydrocephalus” – means if there are a chance to live at all, it is not sufficient to live a normal life due to lack of brain mass, or brain damage, possible: ugly face, huge head, webbed extremities fallowing organ failing est.… What devil meant for evil, God turned for good, for our blessing! Jotta was born absolutely perfect with most beautiful face in Brazil, most gifted and anointed boy on earth at this time “to me anyway”! The prophecy of the last days is coming to pass, God is using children like Jotta to minister to me and to you, because they have clean, honest, unfake heart! The only one another person I could compare Jotta is Jesus himself. Ministering to multitudes, wining thousands for Gods kingdom. Blessed his mom, dad and siblings for having this valuable jewel in their home. Blessed Brazil for this anointed, Gods chosen vessel. I am so thankful that his family believe in miracles, pray for Jotta and allowed the Holy Spirit mold and use Jotta according to God’s will.
    My dream to meet Jotta and tell him in person what an impact He made in my life. If not here on earth, than in haven for sure I will find him, give him tight hug. God will give me the perfect voice and we will praise Him together forever and ever and ever!

  19. i also sort of accidentally hrd of Jotta A in late 2011. Nd for a fact, he’s really blessed and inspired me. I get goosebumps anytym i hr him minister. God bless nd continue 2 elevate him. May supernaturality be his normality. May da skies neva be his limit but his starting point. Pls permit me 2 share abt 2 quotes of my Man of God, Apostle Vinny Max Bani, wich i bliv wud bless ada youngsters awt der….
    God does not work with age because He doesn’t have one Himself. #AVMB
    Your age does not necessarily make you sage. #AVMB

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  21. Jotta……that name gives my brain a tingling sensation…came across his video on a friends phone…i watched it out of spite and after a lot of persuadings but what i saw was the best christian boy ever…would’ve ran into the phone just to hug him if it were possible…he’s the best at what he does…michael jackson or any other musician(per se) got nothing on this guy!!!!!!

  22. MANNNN… this boy is something… Everytime i listen to him singing, tears just fall. He is just so GOOD…. He truly has a God-given gift… Even if I don’t understand, i just get thus great feeling listening…. hehehe… i live songs from different places especially when they sound this GREAT!!!!!

  23. I came across this child just about 6 months ago or so. The first time I heard him, he was signing Amazing Grace! I was amazed at the talent and pure passion for Christ and bought both of his cd’s in wanting to support his ministry! God gave this young man a talent and he used it well allowing the Holy Spirit to shine through him. I see it and became stronger in the Lord as well as encouraged to continue to pursue God’s will for my life. I can relate a little bit to Jotta due to being born with a birth-defect and weighing only 2 pounds. God obviously had plans for my life. I did not know about the Lord about the age of 12, when I was adopted and brought into America. I thank the Lord that I found Jotta, who God used to strengthen me in the Lord. I continue to pray for you Jotta that the Lord continues to use you for His glory and you continue to follow the Lord and not the society. Your rewards in heaven are more important than your rewards on earth. It would be awesome if I can meet you someday, but it ca only be possible if it is the Lord’s will! God Bless brother in Christ!

  24. I came across jotta a singing agnus dei on youtube by accident.( I was looking for an x factor video). For some reason I clicked on him singing agnus dei , to say the least I was blown away, he has such an angelic voice that touches you deep inside your soul. For someone so young he is an outstanding singer. My favourite is him singing haleluiah. May God bless this kid AMEN.

  25. I would sit and listen to jotta sing every day im a young christian my self im a 15 year old male too. Im a singer and trust me i take more than a leaf out of his book. When i was younger i had a very high soprano voice i could sing any note that was given unto me and when i reached 14 i lost that voice and i was about to give up singing but i love to sing alot and it was apart of me so i hold on to it and now i have a lovely voice and i will continue praise God with it. I cant wait for the day ro expose my voice to this world

    • Good to hear. Yes, most young man stop for a while after their voices break to allow natural vocal adjustments which is great and advisable because when you go back to singing you will still be able to hit your high notes without any strain at all. God bless you in all that you wish to do for him.

      On Thursday, March 13, 2014, ToriVictoria wrote: >

  26. The first time I listen to Jotta A. I’m from Miami, Speak two language English and Spanish. But Jotta even he sings in another language, His songs, voice are bless.So young and the love Jotta A, transmit are love of joy, and God have bless you, Not only to sings. You are a Angel with alot to give and God is in you no matter what happen. God bless you, From Miami , God is love :Jotta you show love and blessings for everyone!!

  27. I sincerely pray that God will keep him safe from the pleasures of this world. I think Jottaa is one of the 24 elders in heaven singing and glorifying God Almighty. But was sent by God to teach us before time how we will praise God when we get to heaven. Brother Jottaa, may your coast be enlarged, enemies of progress will never see you nor hear about you, you are blessed, keep it up in Jesus Name.

  28. you have a good voice and mine is just as good as yours, is just that i’m a Nigerian and nobody wants to notice me. If the both of us sing together we could be hope of salvation to unbelievers through singing. My name is Daniel peters from Nigeria, benin city my number is 08066831277. I’m 14 years old please if you could locate me we could be best of friends. Thank you jotta a

  29. Jotta, i love ur songs man, especially halleluyah, its reli touching, am 15yrs old, am a nigerian, wen i was 13 my voice was similar 2 urz, i had a vry high saprano voice bt wen i got to 14, my voice broke(puberty), bt i thank God my voice 2day is vry nice, am a choirister in living faith church, i reli do love singing, it makes me feel connected 2 God, nd i like making friends wit people dat love singing, my name is cyril patrick, my mobile no is +2348107022032, i greet my fellow singers. Nd i greet my mentor jotta

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